Training & Capacity Building Programs

At SuDevo, we focus on closing the knowledge gap by offering a wide range of training and capacity building programs. Our programs are facilitated by international and regional leading subject matter experts who combine technical knowledge and facilitation skills to deliver highly interactive and practical sessions.

We aim to change the narrative toward training delivery and building capacities through integrating new methods and agile approaches of practical teaching, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 4: Quality Education.

Our training programs are designed and selected to help students, professionals, managers and business leaders to implement new technologies and learn vital skills for which we believe is the foundation and the driving force towards achieving a sound impact in sustainable development.


Project Management 

  • Preparation course PMI certified Project Management Professional PMP®
  • Preparation course PMI Certified Associate in project management PMI-CAPM®
  • Preparation course PMI Scheduling Professional PMI-SP®


Digital Business Intelligence 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) 101 – Basic Principles and Applications
  • Digital Transformation 101 – A Practical Overview
  • Cyber Security and Access Management Control
  • Big Data Management and Harvesting
  • DevOps


Leadership and Empowerment 

  • Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling
  • Entrepreneurs Microfinance Projects and Leadership
  • Leadership and Behavioral Standards
  • Winning Your Business
  • Public Speaking Masterclass


Marketing & Business Sustainability

  • Principals of Digital Marketing
  • The Art of Story Telling
  • E-commerce and Selling Online
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics and Understanding Consumers Behaviors


Sustainable Practices and Adaptation 

  • Sustainable Office Management
  • Sustainable Behaviors and Adaptation
  • Strategies and Fundamentals of a Sustainable Workplace


Water and Agriculture Technologies 

  • Water Management Technologies
  • Drones in Farming
  • E-Agriculture
  • Value Chain Management
  • Hydroponics Farming Systems (Design and Construction)
  • Greenhouse Management for High Value Vegetable Crops
  • Global GAP Training, Auditing and Certification
  • Biosaline Agriculture Pros and Cons
  • Improving Soil Quality Amendments 


Engineering and Construction 

  • Principals of Green Building Design
  • LEED Training, Auditing and Certification.
  • Adaptive Planning for Infrastructure
  • Project Management for Green Construction
  • Sustainable Architecture: Practices and Methods

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