Women Empowerment Projects

SuDevo strives to create financial independence for women living within their targeted populations. Among other activities, we conduct projects to develop and sustain micro-finance businesses for women empowering them towards financial independence. Our projects will promote education to increase female employment in the future.

From a global perspective, more than 2.7 billion women have been legally restricted from certain jobs that are male-dominated. A more recent assessment of women empowerment reflects it as a challenge in both developing and developed countries; for instance, 104 economies prevented women from working in specific jobs; meanwhile, 59 economies had no particular law or regulation in place on sexual harassment at workplace (UN Women, 2019).

SuDevo’s approach is intertwined, as it factors in people and their environment. Even though a lot has been done to empower women and girls, even more needs to be done to guarantee them full social inclusion, education, and a healthy lifestyle. 

We recognize that gender equality is not just a concern for women alone, but rather a standard human right. We strive to empower females because as a society, we cannot achieve the developments when half of the population does not hold rights on equal footing. In light of the new set of the United Nation’s SDGs, we work together with various communities to promote women empowerment through multiple approaches.

SuDevo provides a wide range of services to support women empowerment projects such as tailored training and capacity building programs, research studies and technical reports, and project monitoring and evaluation. We are also open to discuss and provide custom made services to our partners to support innovative projects

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