Our Partners

To accomplish our short-term and long-term goals, SuDevo fully realizes that it requires partnerships with stakeholders. To this end, our partners are governments, donors, community groups and professionals who share our aim.

As we successfully execute our goals, we will attract more partners who aspire to see the change we do.


SuDevo works with donors and helps them achieve their goals toward developing societies. Together, we maintain a balance with our regional and international technical experts and on-ground professionals to bring knowledge that reshapes the society and leave a lasting impact.


SuDevo is actively collaborating with governments to reshape societies for the better. We intend to drive social progress with a blend of development fundamentals, shared resources and strategy execution that will instill greater efficiency and a major shift in communities.

Business Leaders

We have a strategic plan for our business leaders who wish to see social and financial results. Standing at the intersection of social progress and commercial growth, we can integrate these for the greater good.


Every society that needs support is our beneficiary. SuDevo opens its door for the beneficiaries to share their needs and required support from our side. By posting a project on our website, we receive the requests and customize our programs to match their needs. We allocate our experts to bring constructive, sustainable solutions and propose a proper strategy to operate.

Educational Institutions

SuDevo aims to partner with universities and educational institutions, we work jointly to raise awareness and narrow the knowledge gap among students and future generations.


SuDevo works with corporates to expand the knowledge, skills and talents of its professional employees by providing them with a wide range of high-level training and capacity building programs. We believe that investing in people will lead to growth, success and sustainability of businesses.

We also work with CSR departments in corporates to develop and execute development projects aiming to make a difference in our community. CSR departments can also work jointly with SuDevo to sponsor events under SuDevo’s Strive 2 Draw a Smile (S2DS) initiative.

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