Development projects

SuDevo aims to empower communities with an array of development projects.   

Access to knowledge, information, and learning new skills and values is key to sustain a great future. SuDevo acknowledges the need for participatory teaching and learning techniques that are targeted to inspire and empower communities.

Focuses on agricultural development as a critical component for improving nutrition and food security for the communities at large. Through improved agriculture, communities will have access to the increased value and diversity of production which will stabilize thier economic wellbeing.

We work together with various communities to promote women empowerment through multiple approaches. We strive to empower females because as a society, we cannot achieve sustainable development if half of the population does not hold rights on equal footing. 

We encourage the active participation of rural communities to accomplish their requisite environmental, social and economic objectives. That is achieved through projects that involve integration of the rural and the urban economies and promoting off-farm rural employment to enhance their social and economic well-being

SuDevo provides a wide range of services to support On-Farm water management projects such as tailored training and capacity building programs, research studies and technical reports, project monitoring and evaluation, & integrated water management frameworks. We are also open to discuss and provide custom made services to our partners to support innovative projects.

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