Rural & Socioeconomic Development Projects

We encourage the active participation of rural communities to accomplish their requisite environmental, social and economic objectives. That is achieved through projects that involve integration of the rural and the urban economies to expand job availability and also promote off-farm rural employment to enhance their social and economic well-being. It is imperative to give access for the farmers to find channels to market their products and sell them at a fair price to the national and international markets. With proper packaging and valid methods of agriculture this can be achieved. A collective opt-in approach to reduce waste and harvest the right amount of crops will help farmers sell their products and use some for their household consumption. This will improve the economic status of the farmers and contribute to enhancing the economy.

Out of 7.6 billion people in the world, 3.4 billion live in rural areas (UN’s medium fertility scenario, 2018) of which 730 million do not have access to electricity (SDGs, 2019). 

In rural areas, the farmers lack the basic infrastructure and knowledge, which makes it challenging for them to increase agricultural output. Water and land are scarce while the land suffers from constant degradation due to water and wind erosion. This creates unsuitable conditions for farming practices. From the total area within the MENA region, only one-third of the area is agricultural land. Majority of the area is dry desert and 40% of the dry region requires irrigation (FAO, 2018a).

SuDevo provides a wide range of services to support rural and socio-economic projects such as tailored training and capacity building programs, research studies and technical reports, and project monitoring and evaluation. We are also open to discuss and provide custom made services to our partners to support innovative projects

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