Food Production & Food Security Projects

SuDevo’s projects focus on agricultural development as a critical component for improving nutrition and food security for the communities at large. Through the adoption of new technologies and techniques such as protected agriculture, Soilless Culture (hydroponics), tissue culture and modern irrigation techniques small and medium growers and communities at large, will have access to the increased value and diversity of production, which will stabilize their economic wellbeing. We aim to implement new technologies and best practices for farmers and decision-makers in developing communities not only to produce high value & quality crops but also to enhance growers’ income.

Conflicts and insecurity were found to be amongst the primary drivers of food insecurity in many countries. According to a 2019 report by FAO on crop prospects and food situation, 41 countries are in dire need of external assistance for food of which 31 of them are in Africa.

SuDevo provides a wide range of services to support food production & food security projects such as tailored training and capacity building programs, research studies and technical reports, and project monitoring and evaluation through high caliper international experts. We are also open to discuss and provide custom made services to our partners to support innovative projects.

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