On-Farm Water Management Projects

Limited sustainable water resources is a major constraint to agriculture and food security. Irrigation consumes large volumes of water in many countries. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure optimum use of irrigation water and to increase water productivity through the implementation of modern irrigation techniques and production systems. Research, technology, outreach and capacity building are vital components in developing solutions to better on-farm water management now and under potential future changes in climate. According to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), it has been forecasted that 66% of the world’s population would be living in water-stressed countries by 2025 (UN, 2018).

SuDevo provides a wide range of services to support on-farm water management projects such as tailored training and capacity building programs, research studies and technical reports, project monitoring and evaluation, and integrated water management frameworks. We are also open to discuss and provide custom made services to our partners to support innovative projects.

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