Hisham 4 final

Hisham Abdelrazek

Co-Founder and COO

He brings a wealth of experience to SuDevo. With over 15 years’ experience in the engineering sector, construction projects and project management, he is central to the success of SuDevo. Apart from his role as a COO and Co-Founder, he has worked as the Head of Projects department in a multi-national firm handling a group of multi-million dollars’ worth of projects and accordingly is responsible for more than 33% of the firm’s total income and revenue.

His role as Project Department Head involves strategic planning & creating Key Performance Indicators and overseeing the accomplishment of its growth projections. Those metrics are critical to the success of a firm and a professional with proven experience can carry out these roles with efficiency and diligence.

He has also worked as a Project Manager for another multi-national firm. His role as a Project Manager involves overseeing and achieving the firm’s targets represented through the Key Performance Indicators that are assigned to him. It also involves managing and ensuring the success of a group of critical major projects handled by him.

As a Project Engineer, his job description was to execute projects within deadlines and key performance parameters.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Ain Shams University, class of 2005. He has also earned a PMP certificate from Cambridge Dubai. Also, he has acquired a broad range of technical certifications, which shows his passion to learn at any stage of his career.


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