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Yara Moustafa

Founder and CEO

She is the Founder and CEO of SuDevo with years of experience working on sustainable development projects, she is a vital asset for the organization.

 Focused on the MENA region, she has conducted and participated in several field research studies such as The Sustainable City in Dubai, the Western Desert in Egypt and others. She has lectured and trained in Cairo and Netherlands for multiple public and private universities and training centers. Her roles involved managing, developing and executing training programs and spearhead Arabic portfolio development programs. 

She was formerly a Senior Project Officer, in which she led a €1 million project as part of her role in the American University in Cairo. Her role involved the execution of university projects at the domestic and international levels. She has also served as a consultant with The Center for Environment and Development in the Arab region and Europe (CEDARE) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), where she analyzed, monitored and gathered data. 

She holds a Bachelor of Economics & Political Science and a Masters of Arts in Economics in International Development. She has co-authored two publications – one of which was presented at Qatar Green Building Conference in 2016. She is AUC alumni, a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and a member of CSR Middle East. 

Email: y.moustafa@sudevo.net

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