Dr. Ian McCann

Senior Consultant - On-Farm Water Management

On-farm irrigation and water management: 30 years of US domestic and international experience in on-farm irrigation and agricultural water resources. Expertise with all forms of irrigation, including surface, sprinkler, and drip; irrigation technology and management; water measurement in channels, pipes and soil; and agro-meteorology.

Research:  Expertise and experience in development, funding, implementation and publishing applied research related to practical on-farm irrigation issues in a variety of climates. More than 100 publications, including 25 peer reviewed journal articles, 8 peer reviewed symposia papers, 5 invited presentations, more than 40 papers at international and national conferences and meetings, a US patent, and 25+ funded research proposals on a variety of topics.

Outreach and education: Development and teaching of university courses in hydrology, irrigation and environmental processes at undergraduate and graduate levels. Considerable experience in developing extension programs and presenting information to a wide variety of audiences.

Leadership: Project leader in irrigation research and extension programs. Department Head in an international university. Experience in managing and motivating students, staff, and colleagues, and collaborative networking with other institutions.

US and international experience: West, Southwest and Eastern US, and in the Middle East, particularly the Arabian Peninsula and Syria. Grew up in Kenya and Jamaica.

Consulting: International experience with agricultural projects in Oman, Jamaica, Kenya and Dominican Republic. US experience with water resource projects in the West and Southwest US.

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